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November Marigold bandana in organic cotton

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November Marigold Bandana

Mexican Marigolds were always planted by my grandmother in our flower garden and I have been planting them in my garden for the past few years. I appreciate their hardiness to bloom longer than some other flowers and bushy blooms gain their full beauty in the autumn.

My hand carved marigold pattern is printed with dark purple ink on deep brown background. Printed pattern and tie-dye effects differ between bandanas. When selecting a bandana choose between oval tie-dye or rays tie-day.

Bandanas are made of 100% soft organic cotton, hemmed edges. The cotton is naturally dyed with black walnut, very small irregularities in base color due to the natural dye process. Tie-dye details on center of bandanas.

Size: 23 inches (59 cm) square.

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