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Art stamps, and logo stamps are hand-carved by me; they can be permanently printed by hand on various surfaces. I can design, print, and do simple sewing to complete the client's vision. When ordering printed items, there is no minimum order, there are no set up fees if you need to reorder: you may order as few as one or as many as a few hundred items. I offer flexibility, creativity, consistency, and a distinctive hand-made aesthetic. When ordering shirts, for example, the client can supply their own, or I can assist in finding the right materials for the job. Up-cycled fabrics and papers are great to use with block printing methods. Printing by hand reduces waste and can be an economical option for small product runs. Do I make hand-carved logo stamps with your existing logo? Yes, I have worked with clients and incorporated elements and lettering from their existing logo into a new art stamp for their new product label. I can recreate your logo as a stamp as long as the lettering or graphics can be rendered with block printing tools. Looking forward to collaborating with businesses that have a connection to land, nature, and good food made from scratch.

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