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Photo by Laura Landau Alvarez


I am Karin ['khaa-ryn]. I am a print-maker and a teaching-artist.

I have been teaching multidisciplinary classes and printmaking to many age groups, including undergraduates, adults, and children. Since 2014 my main focus has been on block-printing and I like sharing my own experience with my students.

My artistic style has developed over the decades through personal art practice and academic training (including studies in art history and criticism). The balance between the left and right side of my brain makes me the happiest, and printmaking involves both, control and surprise. I enjoy the precision of the design process and also the playfulness of the printmaking process,


I like using relief cut medium for designing logos, which means, images and lettering are carved out of soft blocks with special carving tools. The finished relief print block is a stamp, which can be used for printing on paper and fabric.


I have worked for private clients, collaborated with small businesses, solo entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations on various projects such as banners, logo design, art stamps, book illustration, art direction, wall murals, and art projects for a forest school. I have also created surface pattern designs for private clients and sell fabric, gift wrap, and wallpaper at my BlockprintedArt Spoonflower shop.



Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, CT— MFA in Illustration

Estonian Academy of Art / EKA, Tallinn, Estonia — Art History/ Criticism


Recent prints on fabric and paper. Village Center for Arts, New Milford, CT, 2017

Tonic of Wilderness: prints and collages on paper and fabric. Exhibition organized by Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut, Mothership On Main, Danbury, CT, 2017


WCSU Art Alumni Exhibition, VPAC Gallery, Danbury, CT, 2023

“100@100 Off-the-Wall Art Exhibition,” benefiting the WCSU Gallery Exhibitions program, Danbury, CT, 2023

Redding Artisan Fair, Redding, CT, 2018

Holiday Home Gift Show, Washington Depot, CT, 2015, 2016

“100@100 Off-the-Wall Art Exhibition,” benefiting the WCSU Gallery Exhibitions program, Danbury, CT, 2015

"The Melt", Mercurial Gallery, Danbury, CT, 2013

"Self-Observed", North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC, 2012

"Growing Seeds", Center for the New Media and Arts, Bethel, CT, 2009

Annual Photography Show, Carriage Barn Art Center, New Canaan, CT, 2002


Views From A Matrix, Lynn Tendler Bignell Gallery, Brookfieled Craft Center, Brookfield, CT, 2024

Faculty Show at Brookfieled Craft Center Gallery, Brookfield, CT, 2018-2023

"Tell Us A Story", Hans Weiss Newspace Gallery, Manchester, CT, 2018

"Counter Narrative", Art and Frame Gallery, Danbury, CT, 2018

WCSU MFA Alumni Exhibition, Danbury, CT, September 2016

Group Show, Still River Gallery, Danbury, CT, 2016

WCSU MFA Thesis Exhibition at Blue Mountain Gallery, NYC, 2013

WCSU MFA Thesis Exhibition at Higgins Gallery, Danbury, CT, 2013

Phil Lique and Karin Mansberg, Mercurial Gallery, Danbury, 2012

"Moving Forward: Groundbreaking", Higgins Gallery, WCSU, Danbury, CT, 2011

Senior Thesis Exhibition, Higgins Gallery, Danbury, CT, 2011


Uppercase, magazine, No. 39, 2018

Illustrations for Behind the Paranormal 2: Bigfoot, Mothman and Monsters You Never Heard of by Paul F. and Benjamin T. Eno, 2017

Back&White, journal for the Arts, Issue No. 4, Spring 2011

Nature and Technolgy, self-published limited edition illustrated essay with Blurb self-publishing platform, 2011

Observation, Remembrance, And Imagination: A Conversation With Karin Mansberg. John Coleman, Apocatastasis Institute,

April 12, 2021
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