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What's the process of hiring freelance illustrator? 


-We will discuss the project face to face or over the phone before you hire me to do art work. My fees are based on my experience and the scale of your project.

-After the first discussion, a simple contract, including the due dates and our agreed fee is emailed to you. Now I can start working on the preliminary sketches.

-Once the sketches are delivered, the deposit of 25-50 % of the total fee is due. You will now have time to discuss the preliminary sketches and make the selection (I offer between 3-4 sketches per project to choose from). The decision making usually takes time, which is fine. The partial deposit of the project will pay for my preliminary work done and also will pay for any materials needed for the final project.

-Preliminary artwork will be adjusted or changed if needed and you will approve the changes once again before the final work begins (there is no extra fee if there is one time change/adjustment to the chosen sketch).

-Final work is delivered on agreed upon date and remaining payment for the project is due once the project is complete.


What does it cost to hire a freelance illustrator?

*Mural takes two weeks to a month to complete (outside mural work is weather dependent of course). Fees for murals start at $600-900 for 35 square foot size.

*Carving of small logo stamp (with your existing design) for size up to 4 inches starts at $60

6 inches at $75

8 inches at $90

10 inches at $110

*Commissioned Art Stamp(s) $80 and up depending on size and details of design

*Package: one-color original logo design & a hand carved stamp

$550-$800 (price includes sketches, one revision, final design in digital format in one color and a hand carved logo stamp up to 6 inches).

*For other illustration work: commissioned prints, invitations, printed original fabric design, etc. contact me for rates.
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