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Thank you for visiting Karin Mansberg's illustration and printmaking portfolio Freelance Illustrator | Karinmansberg,

I am self-taught when it comes to relief printing method, however, I have extensive art school background in the fine arts and the art history. Growing up my playgrounds were in garden, woods, fields and near a river - in a way I am still playing with the natural forms when creating motifs for my print blocks.

The stamp gallery shows more examples what I have done as an illustrator-printmaker for product labels, seasonal marketing campaigns, events, and other commissioned stamps. 

Some of my greeting cards and prints are available at the Brookfield Craft Center Gallery in Brookfield ,Ct. 

Workshops on block printing on cotton fabric with water based fabric ink are offered at the Brookfield Craft Center from fall to spring, check the craft center list of classes for availability.
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